quickrinse mini eye wash ampoules

Šifra: 6270978*LLG
Proizvođač: LLG
Eye Wash Ampoule QuickRinse Mini
  • 4 disposable eye wash ampoules with 20 ml 0.9 % sterile sodium chloride
  • Effective and hygienic eye wash
  • Quick and easy help for rinsing dust and dirt out of the eyes
  • At least 3 years shelf life on unopened ampoules
  • A handy packaging which can be placed in the glove compartment, the tool box, in the bag, in a pocket, first aid kit etc.
Manufacturer:B-Safety GmbH
Article description 1:QuickRinse Mini Eye wash ampoules
Article description 2:sterile, 0,9% NaCI,
Article description 3:pack of 4 ampoules á 20 ml