roller mixer, 9 rollers, analogue

Šifra: 9728812*LLG
Proizvođač: LLG
Tube Roller Mixer, SRT6, SRT6D, SRT9, SRT9D
There are four models available, two analogue models with either 6 or 9 rollers, with a fixed speed of 33 rpm. Or two more advanced digital models with either 6 or 9 rollers, with digitally controlled speed between 5 and 60 rpm and programmable timer.
The rollers conveniently detach to accommodate larger vessels. Recommended for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions where minimum aeration is required. Units can be used in incubators up to 60 °C and humidity up to 80 %, or in cold rooms down to 4 °C.
  • Rocking and rolling action for complete mixing
  • 6 or 9 roller design with footprint
  • With antimicrobial BioCote protection
Manufacturer:Cole-Parmer Ltd. (Stuart)
Article description 1:Roller mixer, 9 rollers, analogue
Article description 2:fixed speed, speed 33 rpm,
Article description 3:Amplitude 16 mm, 230V/50 Hz